Network Infrastructure

Next Generation Network Infrastructure at your Service
High Availability & Intelligent Recovery Reliable Backbone Networks, Certified Data Centers, Innovative System Integration.

Technology advancement and network evolution always create network challenges not easy to apprehend.
As a forerunner in hosting and cloud applications, we understand the technical know-how, the myths and truths, the criteria of new technology adoption for an enterprise looking for highest quality and most affordable solutions.

These are just a few of the challenges our customers are facing:
Minimum on- premises hardware to achieve maximum business output. Save on-premises electricity (server cooling), allocate time and resources on more productive activities. Fast provisioning on demand to support storage intensive application. Compliance on data protection and disaster recovery. High availability for business continuity …

We are ready to deliver the best solutions with our next generation network infrastructure at your service.
Network Reliable Backbone and highly resilient network design.

1. We have servers at 3 geographically separated data centers in Germany, Netherlands and USA.
2. Direct connectivity to reach remote destinations faster free of bottlenecks on public networks to achieve high speed, high security connectivity. Traffic Unlimited incoming and outgoing traffic. Data Centers
Tier 3, ISO27001 Data Centers in Multiple Locations.

SkyBird Technology offers three data centers locations. You get state-of-the-art facilities for cloud services.
For a small monthly service fee, get the benefits of all these billion worth of investment.
1. Tier 3 and certified data centers located at Germany, Netherlands and USA and New Territories to deliver full service coverage and comply with requirements for geographic redundancy and disaster recovery.
2. Selected data center is connected to the largest sub-sea cable network in Asia-Pacific supporting over 60% internet capacity in Asia.
3. 99.99% power availability with dual feed power and battery backup.
4. 24x7x365 on guard security personnel & onsite technical manpower.
5. Water/heat suppression.
6. 24x7x365 air-conditioned cooling to protect servers and all hardware

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