Google Cloud Consulting

We help companies leverage the full potential of Google Cloud Platform, which enables you to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s global infrastructure. From planning to implementation, our team of Google Cloud Platform experts provides services and software to accelerate your successful adoption of Google’s compute, big data, and storage solutions.

Managed Services: SkyBird Technology provides full production support of your Google Cloud environment. Available services include:

  • 24/7 Live Tech Support
  • 24/7 Custom Application Monitoring
  • Custom Maintenance Windows
  • Managed O/S Updates & Security Patching
  • Managed Virus Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • 24/7 Google Cloud Monitoring & Support
  • Custom Restarts & Escalation Procedures
  • Managed Data Backups & Restores
  • Firewall, VPN & DNS Management
  • Log & Event Monitoring & Much More!


Google Cloud Architecture & Implementation Support: SkyBird Technology’s engineers have implemented and supported application architectures. Our Google Cloud engineering and support team can assist you in implementing the following Google Cloud products:

  • Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service for sandboxed web applications. App Engine offers automatic scaling with resources increased automatically to handle server load.
  • Google Compute Engine is the Infrastructure as a Service component of the Google Cloud Platform that enables users to launch virtual machines (VMs) on demand.
  • Google Cloud Storage is an online storage service for files.
  • Google Cloud Datastore is a fully managed, highly available NoSQL data storage for non-relational data that includes a REST API.
  • Google Cloud SQL is a fully managed MySQL database that lives in the Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • Google BigQuery is a data analysis tool that uses SQL-like queries to process big datasets in seconds.
  • Google Cloud Endpoints is a tool to create services inside App Engine that can be easily connected from iOS, Android and JavaScript clients.
  • Google Cloud DNS is a DNS service hosted in the Google Cloud infrastructure.


APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT ON GOOGLE:- We offer a full range of architecture, delivery and application development blueprints and tools to help you develop more effectively on Google Cloud Platform. Use our best practices, methodologies, design patterns and code frameworks to deliver high performance cloud-native applications quickly, with full support for optimized cloud models.

BIGQUERY & STORAGE:- Google excels at delivering high performance at optimal cost — which makes the Google platform a great choice for a range of big data and storage implementations. We help companies leverage Google Cloud Platform to deliver new and innovative capabilities that improve speed and reduce costs. When deployed correctly, Google’s big data and storage solutions provide substantial returns with minimal investments in both time and money.

APPLICATION MIGRATION TO GOOGLE:- From portfolio analysis through application refactoring and onboarding, we have services, software and methodologies to accelerate your cloud migration. We know what applications work best on Google Cloud Platform and understand how to leverage Google’s unique advantages.

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